What to put here…my name is David Roberts, hence the title of the blog. I have a wife (Amy) and two daughters (Marina and Clara). This is an old-ish picture but it’s the best I could find for the time being.

I’m a pastor, or I was. I’m a student at Fuller Theological Seminary. I like theology, a lot. So that will be a big part of this blog, perhaps the biggest part of this blog, as I unpack my journey away from the faith I received growing up and towards a more progressive expression of that same faith I hold today.

I like other things too, like Lord of the Rings, Snowboarding, soccer, the Utah Jazz, Fantasy Football, Pokemon, Jimmy Eat World, dry humor, Godzilla, Scott Pilgrim, gifs and memes, Lost, Silicon Valley, The National, and whole host of other things that I’m probably forgetting at the moment. I was once the top ranked player in the world at a computer game called Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds. So really I’m a regular renaissance man. That’s why most of my posts will be preceded by a nerdy cover photo.

As a final note, the views on this blog are my own and don’t necessarily reflect the views of any institution I am a part of, be it for employment, academic purposes, or otherwise.