The Deconstruction of David Roberts

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

The Return of the Blog

  You know you haven't blogged in a while when you have to Google yourself to find your own blog so that you can post on it again. Amazingly, traffic on the blog has remained fairly steady in my absence,... Continue Reading →


Episode 16: The Typecasting of David Roberts

We live in the age of the superhero, cinematically speaking. As a point of reference if, in the age of Billy Madison, you weren't cool until you pee'd your pants, then in this current age you're not a legitimate actor... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: On the Idolatry of Purity

Allow me to introduce Cali. To be honest, I don't know Cali incredibly well. She was a student at a church I was a part of years ago (not the one where I used to work). Cali identifies as LGBTQ. And though... Continue Reading →


Stormy Skies on the Evangelical Front

A few days ago I shared a series of Twitter posts - properly dubbed a tweet storm, I'm told - by my friend, theologian David Congdon. In fact, I actually shared two tweet storms by Congdon. The first had to... Continue Reading →


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